for brands

Social media and blog coverage of your product or service

  • Blog post(s)
  • Instagram post(s)
  • Instagram stories (live coverage)
  • Shares across all my social media platforms (total reach 100k+ per month)

Engaging, authentic content making my audience aware of your product or service, reviewing it and describing how they can best use it. I work with travel or language learning related businesses whose services I use/have used and liked. Compensation for this is dependant on the value of the service and how much coverage is required. Please feel free to get in contact.


For you

Whether it be social media, translation or tutoring that you require, I can offer it. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page so we can start discussing how I can help!

Social Media Consultation (Instagram)

No matter how many followers you have, we can all relate to the struggles of running a successful Instagram account!

After solidly growing my following on Instagram for over a year, I have developed the deft ability to look at an account and straight away pick up what the user is doing ‘wrong’ or how that user could improve to get more followers and engagement.

This is a quick and affordable way to figure out what you need to do to get your Instagram engagement back on track and to see your followers keep climbing. This service is available to you no matter what your Insta niche may be.

 For just $15 USD, you get:

  • A one-page analysis about what is going wrong on your account, and then a breakdown on how to fix it.
  • Response within 12 hours or 50% of your money back.
  • BONUS: Instagram success checklist to make sure you are doing everything right.

Social Media Management

  • Content creation
  • Content scheduling
  • Online Networking
  • Instagram account management
  • Facebook account management
  • Twitter account management
  • Pinterest account management

This involves me taking over some or all of your social media channels, so you can focus on what really matters. This can be ongoing or for a specific campaign management. I take over your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and any other social media channel you have, and I do all of the post scheduling, interacting with clients and followers, and making sure to grow the following and build real connections on your behalf. I use analytical software to ensure that the effort is breeding the results necessary.

The price for this varies depending on what you need, what your niche is, how long you need my services for and which channels you need me to overtake. Get in touch and we can work out a plan that suits your budget.

Whether it be for your business or blog, I have the experience and expertise to get it where it needs to go!

1×1 Language Tutoring

  • English conversation
  • Spanish conversation
  • English essay writing
  • English exam preparation
  • Spanish exam preparation
  • English grammar perfection
  • Spanish grammar perfection

If you are trying to learn Spanish, or perfect your English skills, I offer personalised online language classes. I have over 3 years of experience tutoring, and I specialise in English conversation classes and Spanish grammar classes, although I can offer you an experience to improve in all areas of your language learning.

Unless you are in the same city as me, the classes will take place over Skype at a time that suits both of us.

 For just $30 USD per hour, you will get:

  • First consultation absolutely free as I assess your level and make a plan for your ongoing improvement
  • Correction of pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary in spoken language
  • Correction of spelling, grammar and punctuation in written language
  • Exam preparation for IELTS, DELE and other language exams.
  • Improve your vocabulary as I introduce you to a range of different topics via conversation, news articles, movies, short clips and other media
  • BONUS: language learning checklist and scheduler


  • Spanish to English
  • English to Spanish
  • Portuguese to English
  • Technical translation

I can translate from Spanish or Portuguese into natural, native English. My reading comprehension level in both Spanish and Portuguese is very high, and by using a native English speaker as your translator you can make sure that the translations are highly readable and that they make sense.

For easily readable, everyday text, I charge $50 USD per 1000 words. If the text is more complicated or technical, the rate will be higher. Contact me to negotiate an appropriate price for both parties.

EXAMPLE: I translated my article, 10 Reasons Not to Skip Lima, Peru to Spanish for Peruvian travel website, Come To Peru. You can see the translated version under the “publications” heading of my LinkedIn profile.

Editing and proofreading

  • English texts
  • Spanish texts

If you need to write something in English or Spanish but it is not your first language, or you simply don’t trust your writing to be fluent and coherent, look no further.

For $40 USD per 1000 words, you will get:

  • Proofreading to ensure all text is coherent and without error
  • Editing to improve readability, coherence and nuances in writing
  • Your piece delivered fully corrected and ready for publication or hand-in
  • If there was nothing to correct, 50% of your money back
  • Turn around time of 24 hours
  • BONUS: coherent writing checklist

Content Creation: Writing

  • Travel related articles (expertise: New Zealand, Australia, South America)
  • Language related articles (expertise: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese)
  • Creative stories

I have been passionate about writing ever since I was a little kid, and that zest for creating something by using words has never gone away. This website itself is testament to my language and travel writing skills, but I also have a real ability in creative writing. If you need a written content creator for your website, magazine, newspaper or anything else, get in touch with me. Please note, at this time I am only taking writing gigs which include a credit to my name as well as my website in the published version.

 For $50 USD per 1000 words, you get:

  • A cohesive, original piece of writing, following your specifications
  • If I have relevant images pertaining to the topic, I will throw those in as well
  • Turn around time of 24 hours

EXAMPLE: Apart from the articles on this website, you can see writing of mine that has been published elsewhere on my LinkedIn profile under “publications”.

TC’s: Payments will be made via PayPal in advance of the service being completed. Terms will be negotiated and agreed upon via email before the service is carried out.