Because our trip to Fiji was technically a stopover and we were only there 4 nights, we decided to stay in one place the whole time. We wanted the trip to be relaxing and romantic. We didn’t want to stress ourselves out with moving from place to place, or spend heaps of money on extravagant activities.  All we wanted was to have everything in one place… and then we found Anchorage Beach Resort.

Disclaimer:  This is an independent review and I did not receive any form of compensation from Anchorage Beach Resort for writing it. However, the links in this article are affiliate links, which means I will receive a commission if you book with them – at no extra cost to you! All opinions are my own.

Anchorage beach resort Specials

A lot of resorts seem to offer good 5 or 7 night packages, but Anchorage Beach Resort was the only one we found which had a specific 4-night offer. This worked out at a spectacular discount to the normal room rate. You can check the specials on their website to see if there’s something that works for you.

What Anchorage has to offer

Ocean Front or mountain view Room

Anchorage Beach Resort Mountain view Room

Anchorage Beach Resort Room

The Anchorage seems to have over 100 rooms. The one we stayed in was called “mountain view”. It had big glass doors which opened to a balcony with the beautiful view of the lush greenery of Fiji. There was a really nice bath with water jets. The shower didn’t work very well but it didn’t matter because we could have a nice romantic bath every night!

Click here to book a room at the Anchorage.


The buffet breakfast consists of cereals, toast and spreads, fresh fruits, juices and tea and coffee. It was everything we needed to get going for the day.

Transfers to Lautoka and Nadi

The Anchorage Beach Resort offer free daily transfers to both Lautoka and Nadi for all guests. These transfers are scheduled, so you will go to Lautoka from 9am-12pm, and Nadi from 2pm-5pm. If you want to go another time, you would have to get your own transport there (probably a taxi).

Beachcomber Island day trip

Beachcomber island

Beachcomber island

Anchorage Beach Resort is a partner of Beachcomber so you can do a trip directly from the jetty at Anchorage to Beachcomber Island Resort in the Mamanuca Islands. This day trip was really great and definitely a highlight of our trip. The beach there is beautiful and there are heaps of activities offered throughout the day. It is worth noting that at FJ$119 per person (including lunch and a coral reef boat excursion), this is the cheapest island transfer trip in Fiji at the moment.

Alternatively, you can stay a night or few at Beachcomber Island Resort, although you will possibly need to stay at the Anchorage on the way there or back, depending when your flight is. Click here to book a room at Beachcomber Island.


Anchorage Beach Resort Shoreline
This is what the shoreline looks like at the Anchorage.

In reality, there is not much of a beach at this “beach resort”. There is a wharf, and there are some rocks on the shoreline. While we were there, the tide was in in the mornings and evenings and the whole place looked really picturesque. But during the day the tide went way out, leaving a view of rocks and mud. This is Fiji, there are hundreds of beautiful beaches you could find if you really wanted to stay at a beach resort – frankly, this isn’t one of them.

Kayak & Unmotorised sport gear hire

The Anchorage offer free kayaks for use by the guests, as well as snorkels and some other things. As I’ve mentioned, the tide is way out most of the time so you can only really make use of this in the morning or evening. If you get the chance though, it is really nice to paddle around the area and see the resort from a different perspective.

Swimming pool

Anchorage beach resort pool

Anchorage beach resort pool area

The pool and pool area were lovely. There were so many sun beds, cabanas and nice places to relax. The first day we arrived, it was early in the morning so our room wasn’t ready yet. We hadn’t had much sleep due to an overnight flight so we just fell right asleep on these beds in the warmth. It was really relaxing!

The pool itself is really clean and pretty. It’s refreshingly cool, perfect to cool off from those sweltering Fiji temperatures.

Massage & Spa

The Anchorage have an on-site massage service and beauty parlour.  We were offered a foot massage as part of our stay and it was really nice. The massage centre only operate a limited number of hours though, so it’s better to go early to make sure you get there before they close.


The first night we were there, there was a fire and dance show, which was heaps of fun and really exciting. The host of the show managed to get the entire audience up and dancing! After that night, things were a lot more quiet, just a Fijian guy with a guitar playing some chill songs. We didn’t really have any indication what the entertainment would be like until we got there, as they don’t really make it clear.

Restaurant and bar

Anchorage beach resort restaurant

Due to the Anchorage’s remoteness, it’s hard to get anywhere outside the resort without getting either a scheduled transfer or a taxi. Luckily, the restaurant food is top quality and reasonably priced. We decided to get a meal plan, which means we could get a 3-course dinner each night and we paid a set price. This worked out really well, and we always ended up so full! We also managed to try out a lot of different things on the menu and had something different almost every night. Even though we are vegetarian, they still had heaps of different options for us.


The one thing that really makes the Anchorage stand out is its staff. Absolutely everyone we came across was super kind, friendly and welcoming. Any time you would pass anyone they would greet us with an enthusiastic “bula!”. Many of them we got to know better because they chatted to us quite a lot. I really have to say they went above and beyond for us – anything we needed they were happy to oblige. It might sound cheesy, but by the last day we were sad to leave because it really felt like we were leaving behind a family.


Free and unlimited wifi is only offered in the restaurant and bar area, and we found it a little patchy. There was no internet available in the rooms at all.

Value for money

This is one of the cheaper options for a Fiji resort with private rooms. With the package we got, it was definitely the best value for money that I could find in all of Fiji.

What the Anchorage beach resort was like: my recommendation

The resort itself was perfectly adequate – clean, quiet, and relaxing. The staff were excellent.

My main complaint would be that there isn’t really a lot to do (or if there is, it isn’t well advertised). Because it is so isolated, it is difficult to leave the resort without spending lots of money (outside the scheduled city transfers, of course). Other than that, I also found the vibe a bit off. There weren’t many people around a lot of the time,  so the whole place seemed eerily post-apocalyptic. Don’t get me wrong, though, I definitely prefer that to an over-crowded resort.

The Anchorage is a great place to stay for a night if you are looking for a base to go island hopping and explore the Mamanuca Islands. They do have a lot of day trip options, on both land and sea, but at more than $100 FJD per person per day, it’s not going to be a cheap holiday. The fact that the boat leaves from directly outside the restaurant every morning definitely saves time, stress and money. However, it should be noted that the boat makes a stop in Denarau anyway before heading out.

While we did enjoy staying at Anchorage, I feel like 4 nights was a bit too long. Maximum 2 nights is enough, with the rest of the time to explore and stay in the islands would be a good way to do it if we get the opportunity again!

So, have you decided? Click here to book a room at the Anchorage, or alternatively, see where else to stay in Fiji.

Anchorage beach resort review

Disclaimer:  This is an independent review and I did not receive any form of compensation from Anchorage Beach Resort for writing it. However, the links in this article are affiliate links, which means I will receive a commission if you book with them – at no extra cost to you! All opinions are my own.

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