Not long ago I came across the International Tourism rankings and was surprised to see that Samoa is the 24th least visited country in the whole world! In my Samoa Itinerary post, I had a few people comment and say they had never even heard of Samoa, much less considered going there!

Of course, Samoa is a tiny, remote pacific island so it is not the most accessible destination in the world. Despite this, I still find it sad that so few people get to experience its magic! And before you ask, no, Samoa is not just like any other island. I am going to let you know what makes this tiny island nation special, and why you should visit Samoa.

1. Culture

Locals making food in a traditional village

Native Samoans remain true to their heritage and their culture, so much so that many things have remained unchanged for the last hundreds of years. I was lucky enough to get a glimpse into the Samoan village life when I did a village tour with Sinalei Reef Resort. It was amazing to see people living so simply. Everyone lives and works for the community and they have a very close relationship with nature. The traditional houses and meeting halls (fales) are so beautiful and remnant of the intricateness of Samoa’s culture.

Why you should visit Samoa: Culture
Samoan meeting house (fale)

2. Unmatched beauty

According to my Mum, Samoa is the most beautiful pacific island (and she has been to almost all the pacific islands!). After having seen Samoa with my own eyes, I don’t doubt that for a second. I think pictures will be better to prove this point.


Why you should visit Samoa: Beaches

Why you should visit Samoa: Beaches
Coconuts Club Resort


Why you should visit Samoa: waterfalls
Robert Louis Stevenson museum pool
Why you should visit Samoa: waterfalls
Fuipisia Waterfall

Forest Hikes

Why You Should Visit Samoa: Hiking
Robert Louis Stevenson Hike
Why You Should Visit Samoa: Hiking
Lake Lanoto’o

If nothing else, you should visit Samoa for this amazing scenery. See more pictures of Samoa on my Instagram.

3. Food

Why you should visit Samoa: food
Smoked Taro with coconut and onion cream. So good…and it’s vegan!

Samoans living in villages grow their own food and have their own farm animals (usually not on a farm at all, bur running around blissfully on the streets) so they know exactly where all of their food comes from. They make all of their meals from absolute scratch, and have manual machines and labour to create the ingredients they need. Native Samoan food is hard to come by for tourists, but you can try some if you do a tour with Chef John Tours, or by doing a village tour like with Sinalei Reef Resort.

Why you should visit Samoa: food
Chef John Tours organic cook up

4. Tranquillity

As I mentioned above, Samoa is one of the least visited countries in the entire world. That means, there are very few tourists! Almost everywhere we went (mentioned in my Samoa Itinerary post), had few or no tourists around (and I was there in Australian and New Zealand school holidays). It is made even better by the fact that many tourists go to Samoa just to stay in resorts, which means all the more beautiful nature spots for you! This is especially a reason why you should visit Samoa sooner rather than later!

5. Size

There are very few countries where you can really go and say you’ve seen everything there is to see. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot to see and do in Samoa for such a tiny nation, but realistically I think you could spend just 3-4 weeks there and be able to visit all the main sights and attractions. Even if you only have one week you can cover so much (find out how)!

6. Wildlife & Marine Life

Why you should visit Samoa: wildlife
If you follow me on Instagram you will know how fascinated I was by these!

The good news is that there is nothing that can kill you in Samoa. In Samoa, it’s not weird to see little geckos scurrying along the walls. There are also quite a few places where you can go and see turtles, which I mention in my Samoa Itinerary. There is also an amazing, vibrant coral reef. I recommend snorkelling with Manoa Tours to get a glimpse at the huge variety of underwater life in Samoa.

Why you should visit Samoa: marine life
Swimming with turtles

7. Location

Okay, I realise the smack-bang in the middle of the pacific ocean isn’t exactly the most convenient location for a weekend getaway for most people. But Samoa is actually closer than you think.

It is 6 hours away from Sydney, Australia

…4 hours from Auckland, New Zealand

…6 hours from Hawaii, United States

It is also so cheap to get to Samoa from Australia and New Zealand. A quick search on Kiwi Flights

 found me return flights from Auckland (New Zealand) to Apia, Samoa for $484 (around $350 USD).

If you live in Australia and New Zealand, you should visit Samoa, too! It’s so easy. And if you’re not from Australia or New Zealand, when you travel to either of these countries (which so many people do), make a detour and spend a week or two in Samoa! Why wouldn’t you? Find your flight to Samoa now.

8. History

Why you should visit Samoa: history
Robert Louis Stevenson’s home – now a museum

After all its been through, from being taken over by German, and then New Zealand, Samoa has done an amazing job at preserving its culture and traditions. It also has so many interesting facts and quirks, like the famous writer Robert Louis Stevenson moved there in the 1800’s (and passed away there)! A great place to learn more about the Samoan history is the late Robert Louis Stevenson’s home itself, which has now been converted into the Robert Louis Stevenson museum.

9. Clean

Because of the low population and relatively few tourists, Samoa has very little rubbish and dirt as it is. But Samoans also work hard to make sure their country is clean and well presented, always. From the pristine, untouched beaches, forests and national parks, to the garden toilets, in Samoa, even going toilet is a pleasant experience.

Why you should visit Samoa: clean
Case in point: These garden toilets can be found all over Samoa!

To be honest, I’m a firm believer that every place in the world has something of interest and value. I think that every country deserves to be discovered. But Samoa is one of those places that are hard to come across these days because of how isolated and untouched it is.  I truly believe the best time that you should visit Samoa is now, before absolutely everyone finds out about it and it fills up with tourists.

Book your flight to Samoa now!

And then check out my itinerary post and start planning your trip!

>> Disclosure: This article was partly sponsored by Samoan Tourism Authority. All opinions are my own.<<

~Has this article convinced you to visit Samoa? If you have been, do you agree with my reasons for why you should visit Samoa?

Why Samoa Should Be On Your Bucket List: 9 Reasons to Visit Samoa

Why Samoa Should Be On Your Bucket List: 9 Reasons to Visit Samoa


  1. This is super great. I love that it’s not a big destination, but it is oh so beautiful. Is it sad that I know of Samoa because of The Rock. hahahah. Stunning place, I can’t wait to go there one day!

    • Suzie Reply

      Haha that is a bit sad when there is so much to see and do in Samoa!

  2. You’ve convinced me! I want to go visit Samoa now too 🙂 Beautiful place, loved your list!

    • Suzie Reply

      YAY! I’m glad you enjoyed my post, hope to see your pictures of Samoa soon 😉

  3. Samoa holds a visa-free policy for all nationalities, which is also a good reason to consider visiting this small beautiful country 🙂 I also like the fact that Samoa is not overcrowded with tourists. Thanks for sharing such an interesting article 🙂

    • Suzie Reply

      I didn’t know that but that is another great plus, thanks for sharing! I’m glad you liked my article. 😊

  4. I was totally digging Samoa as I scrolled along, but then I saw the pic with the turtles and I was like “I HAVE to go to Samoa!!”

  5. This is great! I am always looking for unique places to travel and Samoa has been on my list for quite some time. It looks beautiful just like it did on the season of Survivor that was filmed there too 🙂

  6. hey, I’m so glad to hear that Suzie. I’m Samoan and I gotta say I’m so happy that you said such things and that you enjoyed your trip.. I have visited someplace too when I used to live in Samoa but I think you have visited and have seen the beauty of Samoa and its culture more than me.

  7. hey, I’m so glad to hear that Suzie. I’m Samoan and I gotta say I’m so happy that you said such things and that you enjoyed your trip… I have visited someplace too when I used to live in Samoa but I think you have visited and have seen the beauty of Samoa and its culture more than me.

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