Everyone knows that Samoa is a destination with beautiful beaches and picturesque scenery. But as I’ve described in my post about why Samoa should be on your bucket list, it also has so much to offer in terms of culture, people and food that is hard to find anywhere else. It is easy to have a unique experience in Samoa that you couldn’t have in any other country of the world. These are four experiences that are totally unique to Samoa, so you should definitely make sure to do them while you’re there.

  1. Snorkelling with Manoa Tours

Unique Experiences in Samoa: Manoa Tours
Manoa Tours Snorkelling Experience

Snorkelling is a unique experience in Samoa, simply because of how serene and untouched it all is. The coral reefs are absolutely bustling with life and the variety of marine life is amazing. Not to mention how common it is to see turtles swimming around in the ocean…and giant clams! Simply put: the water is perfect, the beach is perfect and the marine life is amazing.

Check out Manoa Tours to book your snorkelling excursion.

-> Not sure how to snorkel? Check out this guide to snorkeling before you go.

  1. Chef John Tour

Unique Experiences in Samoa: Chef John Tour
Chef John Food Tour

Where else in the world are you going to have a freshly cooked meal from locally sourced ingredients, right next to a beautiful cave pool, beach or waterfall? Not many places, I can tell you that. This tour has to be one of the best experiences in Samoa, and Chef John is also just an awesome guy and great company!

It’s not easy to find authentic food in Samoa as a tourist, so this is definitely a unique experience in Samoa.

Check out Chef John Tours to book an excursion.

  1. Village Tour with Sinalei Reef Resort

Unique Experiences in Samoa: village tour
Checking out the ‘fale’ (traditional Samoan meeting house)
unique experiences in Samoa: village tour, church
Get introduced to the social and religious traditions of the local people

Something that a lot of people miss when they go to places like Samoa is the talking to locals and understanding how the native people really live there. I have written a post about how to travel like a local to give you some ideas of how to integrate with local people. But to have a unique experience in Samoa and learn about the Samoan way of life, I highly recommend doing a village tour. You know, it’s not considered polite to just walk into a village as a visitor, but when you are invited and shown around, the Samoans are very welcoming. It’s such an awesome thing to learn about their traditions and way of life. It really makes you contemplate and question why we live the way we do.

A great way to see the village way of life is with Sinalei Reef Resort. Check them out and find a tour that suits you.

  1. Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

Unique experiences in Samoa: RLS Musuem
The museum from the outside

If you are the kind of person who can’t think of a worse way to spend a holiday than going to a museum, this museum is for you! Before you roll your eyes and close this tab, hear me out. This is not your usual museum. This is a literal shrine of a very strange and extremely creative man and white family that lived in Samoa in the 1800’s. Think about that for a second. Immigration in the 1800’s wasn’t a particularly common thing, especially not to Samoa.

This museum is not just any old museum. It’s a house full of stories, books and furniture that hold the secrets of their time. And the guides make the tour so interesting and fun! It is definitely one of the most unique experiences in Samoa that there are!

Find out more about the museum here, and see how you can get to the museum and fit it into your Samoa itinerary.

Every place in the world has something unique to offer, and Samoa is no exception. When you travel, you should try and experience the things that make that place different to any other. If you want to truly experience something different, try these things! I promise you won’t regret it.

*This post was partially sponsored by the Samoan Tourism Authority. All opinions are my own.

What do you consider a unique experience and what is something that you try to do in every place you visit?

For more ideas about things to do in Samoa, make sure you read my perfect itinerary for Samoa.


4 Ways to Have a Unique Experience in Samoa

Four unique experiences to have in Samoa


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