Travel and language blogs are not as easy to come by as you might think. There are so many language blogs out there, and so many travel blogs, but I have found that there are very few blogs which combine the two seemingly highly related topics. When I first started this blog it was very hard for me to find inspiration with the lack of travel blogs with a niche focus on language learning.

Now, over a year after starting my blog, I have come across a few amazing travel and language blogs which have all been useful to me both in establishing my own website and inspiring my travel and language learning journey! I decided to put them all in one place for easy reference, and also to help you.

If you are a language learner and want to travel to improve your language or to learn a new one, these travel and language blogs are a great place to start. Similarly, if you are a traveller and want to make the most of your trips and learn the language, these blogs are for you, too.

If you are a language learning traveller, you need to bookmark these websites:

Best travel and language blogs

1. Eurolinguiste

Best travel and language blogs to follow - Eurolinguiste

One of my personal biggest travel and language blogging inspirations is Shannon from Eurolinguiste. Not only is she insanely dedicated and knowledgeable in many languages, she also documents all her language learning projects and learnings so we can see her progress.  She is also an avid traveler and writes in-depth, detailed destination articles.

Main languages:

Chinese, Croatian, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Korean, Russian, Spanish

Start by reading:

How to learn more than one language at a time

2. The Intrepid Guide

Best travel and language bloggers - The Intrepid Guide

The Intrepid Guide by Michele is a professional website with a wealth of language hacks, travel tips and destination guides. Michele has even written a book about learning Italian and has her own online travel and language shop! For everything travel and language related in one place, you need to visit The Intrepid Guide!

Main languages:

English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Start by reading:

28 beautiful travel words that describe wanderlust perfectly

3. The Voyaging Viking

Best travel and language bloggers - The Voyaging Viking

The Voyaging Viking was the first travel and language blog I found, when Anna reached out to me to write a guest post about learning Icelandic in Iceland. I was very excited as I was beginning to think I was the only one writing about languages and travel! On The Voyaging Viking, Anna writes about her personal experiences learning languages, and also gives general tips and advice, always keeping it real (read: brutally honest). She is all about her audience and even has a survey to find out what they want to read about!

Main languages:

German, Icelandic, Spanish, Polish

Start by reading:

Is English enough when travelling internationally?

4. Second Half Travels

Travel and Language bloggers to follow - second half travels

One thing that is awesome about Ingrid’s website is that she has a lot of focus on learning a language IN the foreign country, rather than keeping the language and travel topics completely separate.  She also has heaps of tips for what to watch in Spanish on Netflix. She plans to learn a language every two years, and she’s only just getting started, so make sure you follow her journey!

Main languages:

Spanish, German

Start by reading:

Best Spanish Podcasts

5. Adventures in Fluency

Best travel and language bloggers - Adventures in Fluency

Elizabeth has an audacious goal – to learn the language of every single country she visits. So far, she has kept it up for each place she’s been to – and written about her experiences in language immersion. This also means she ends up learning less conventional languages, like Vietnamese and Croatian, which makes for an interesting read!

Main languages:

Vietnamese, Croatian, Spanish, French

Start by reading:

Five reasons why speaking a little Vietnamese goes a long way

6. The Wandering Linguist

The Wandering Linguist Blog

Just in case you guys had forgotten, this little website is about language learning travels, too! Apart from sharing insights from my own travels, I’ve also called upon other people’s experiences and have created a languages around the world series, where various bloggers have contributed an article about their experiences learning languages in different countries. I’m still starting out but I have so much more language and travel tips to share with you, so don’t forget to follow along!

Main languages:

Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese

Start by reading:

Why you should learn the languages of the countries you visit 

If you have a website that posts language-related content (any language), join the community! Click here to join my Facebook group.

Have I missed anyone? If you know of any language and travel blogs, make sure you give them a shout out in the comments so we can check them out. Share the love – even if it’s for you!˜

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Best travel and language blogs



  1. Thank you so much for the shout out. I just read a tweet that only 6% of the global population is native English speakers, yet only 25% of Americans can have a conversation in a second language. I am dedicated inspiring others to change that statistic. I am raising kids who are inspired to learn other languages and I am having a great time learning too. Seeing the world opens your mind. Learning the language opens your heart. I am so happy to see so many language and travel bloggers who are dedicated to this cause as well. I look forward to reading everyone’s blogs in 2018. Now back to Turkish and Greek.

    • Suzie Reply

      yep – learning languages is not the strong suit of native English speakers unfortunately. Thanks for your amazing blog, and good luck with the Turkish and Greek!

  2. I love The Voyaging Viking! Got Hostel tips there for when I visited Germany! I absolutely recommend it.

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