About Me

So who are you and why should I care what you have to say?

My name is Suzie, and I am wholeheartedly passionate about languages and learning them. I travel frequently, and my travel is almost always motivated by my target languages.

Patumahoe, New Zealand with my two little sisters
Lima, Peru with my older sister and her boyfriend

Quick facts

Name: Suzie

Age: 20

Native language: English

Target languages: 3

Home country: New Zealand

Countries I’ve Been: 20




  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • France
  • Italy


  • Taiwan
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Macau


  • English teaching au-pair in Spain (6 months)
  • 1.5 years private one-to-one tutoring of English as a second language
  • Bachelor of Linguistics student at University of Auckland
  • Level 1 and 2 Chinese Mandarin at University of Auckland (2 years)
  • Spanish IGCSE and AS level, distinction in speaking
  • Spanish Diploma (DELE) level C1 with perfect score in speaking

More detail

My language-learning journey really begun when, after four years of learning in high school, I went to live in Spain at the age of 16. People might have said I was crazy or silly, but I wanted to learn, and I wanted to be immersed.

Seville, Spain

Six months later I was having fluent conversations in Spanish and able to communicate almost anything I wanted. It was invigorating!

Since then, I have begun studying other languages, namely Portuguese and Chinese Mandarin. I have been to Taiwan and Brazil and I have felt my tongue speaking in these other languages, and I have seen people understand what I was saying, and I have felt even more empowered. I have never stopped studying Spanish, though, and late last year I sat a DELE exam which landed me with a diploma in Spanish at level C1 (proficient).

I am also fascinated by languages in general and the way they work. I have studied Linguistics at university, which I absolutely love. I have been a tutor to many students of English as a second language. I have been intrigued by the way each and every student (all from different places) used my language in a different way, moulded it to shape their experiences and their culture, and at how some would pick up some grammar concepts without even thinking about it and struggle relentlessly with others, while other students might have an opposite experience.

In other words, the world of languages is my oyster, and I’m here to help you understand them better!

Blog Collaborators

Andres Lara Suaza

  • Designer: Pinterest pins & blog post featured pictures
  • Photographer (majority of the photos of me)

Andres is an artist whose work represents his uniqueness and passion for creativity. Apart from his designing and photography skills, he is an ink pen artist and has created some incredible drawings. He calls his drawing style ‘Lapicerism’, and you can see his amazing work on Facebook and Instagram.

Work with Andres: contact darkobito@gmail.com